Who are we?

If you love Skateboarding than we’re just like you! Our team is made up of longtime industry manufacturers and retailers that specialize in skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Our focus is on the products and NOT THE HYPE or the graphic on the bottom of a skateboard. We are the guys and gals behind the scenes and make many products for those of you who wish to make your own brand.


Our prices are low because of our direct contact with factories & our own manufacturing capabilities. We never use middle men! That lets you save BIG BUCKS!

FUN BOX DISTRIBUTION offers very low markups and is not interested in gouging skaters. We are here to help you get better.

Customer Service

Customer service is our #1 priority, and while some issues are beyond our control, we do our best to keep you happy. Should you have an issue with any of our products or services, please contact us right away.


Sorry, but to keep your cost low we don’t have a flashy store front. We would however love to hear from you! Please email or call us anytime to share stories or photos 🙂