Happy New Year! I hope everyone out there in Skateland had a good safe holiday season. Well now it is back to the grind. Some quick updates on current FunBox Skateboards inventory.

The LTD Long Trek Longboard Skateboard is in production now and will be ready in about 3 weeks. We are taking pre orders in the Skate Shop. The V2 Brick Deck is back in stock with limited quantities so grab one fast before they are all sold out. Last but not least, Cruisers are all stocked up and we have something for everyone.

The Retro Cruiser Skateboard is a fun old style cruiser with a flat nose and slight kick tail.  The square Tail and nickel cruiser boards are a bit more functional and the Penny Killer is the smallest and most portable skateboard that FunBox offers. If you’re into Street skating or shredding the park we have a few great shapes for you to check out like the thank you deck that is sure to please the gnarliest of shredders. All our decks are Canadian rock hard maple and they are cold pressed in batches of 3 to ensure quality and accuracy and then precision cut on the cnc so every deck is exactly the same and prefect under your feet.


What to expect in the new year for FunBox Skateboards? We are working on many new things for 2018. Some new longboard skateboards and Longboard wheels will be hitting the store soon. After many months of testing and R&D we have found some special sauce for you all. The newest addition we can tell you about is the dancers that are almost ready. Follow us on Instagram if you want to stay up to date on all our latest stuff. We post on there daily when we are not too busy building and shipping skateboards.

Once again we say thank you for all the support these past years. There are way too many people selling skateboards and it means a lot that FunBox is the #1 Online skate shop selling all the top quality skateboard accessories.

Drop Down Longboard Skateboard