FunBox Skate 2020 Update

First off a big thank you for all the support during this crazy world of Covid we are living in. The support out there for FunBox Skateboards is amazing. We are still pumping out the orders as fast as we can. Some decks are sold out, some are in production and we are shipping daily. Please be patient if you have an order pending. Se are doing our best dealing with shortages of stock, Limited shipping hours and all else that goes along with this pandemic .

LTD decks are almost ready hold on tight. Bamboo Kray is going to be gone for a while. Also sometimes we may send a bamboo when you order maple or vice versa. Sorry! All completes are shipped free as always. Funbox 9ers are out of stock and we are using abec 7 SORRY.

The shipping dept. is about a week or so out o shipping your order from the time you place it. IF YOU CANT WAIT THEN DONT ORDER FROM US.

We have had a few jag offs try and talk trash and that’s not cool so chill out. we are not amazon and can’t get your board delivered yesterday. We don’t control fed ex or usps so chill.

Here at Funbox Skateboards we appreciate your your business we honestly do. We love skateboarding want to be able to continue to serve the world with top quality skateboards and longboards for many more years to come.

Stay Safe…

LTD Long Trek Longboards are back in stock 11/1/2019

We hope everyone had a great Halloween 2019. Hopefully no one got sick on too much candy. Here at Funbox Skateboards we have been taking a break from the social media and just been skating and having fun. In case you were wondering we have phased out a few longboard models but The LTD Long Trek Deck is not going anywhere. This is the best longboard we have ever made or rode and a fresh batch just arrived. Do not wait for Christmas 2019 as we sell out fast!!!

Nyjah Huston amazing Skateboarding Video

FunBox Skateboard Distribution although heavy into longboards on the Website is deeply rooted in street Skateboarding. Back in the 80’s (I am old lol) like every kid I had a dream to become a pro skateboarder. Although very different back then I knew that if I could not make it as a pro I was going to work in skateboarding some way or some how. I started my first “skateshop” when I was 13 or 14 years old called Dan’s Decks and I went to the Ocean City MD trade show to check it all out. I really wanted to be able to offer affordable skateboards to the homies and get stuff on the cheap. Funny because now that I think about it that is what Funbox does and seriously I just put that together right now. wow!