Every wonder how your skateboards get to you? Whats is the flow of Skateboard Distribution and how does it work? Well then you have come to the right place. FunBox Skateboard Distribution has all the answers for you.

The flow of distribution is a beautiful thing. The downside is that it adds $$ to the overall cost of your goods. When more people touch the product the price tends to go up because they all want to make money. Everyone wants to make money right? That is where FunBox Skateboards comes in.

With over 20 Years in the Skateboard game FunBox has sourced the highest quality skateboards and skateboard accessories. Here at Funbox we cut out all the middle men so we can offer you direct from the factory savings. We also left off all the flashy artwork and skipped all the high end marketing. (we suck at both BTW) This saves you even more money on all your skateboards and accessories.

FunBox Skateboard Distribution

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