Penny killer cruiser boards are the perfect boards for campus cruising, Running to the 7-11 for some skittles or just tooling around with your friends.

Fun Box Skateboards to the Penny Boards to the next level. We created a great little cruiser board in bamboo or maple the is fully functional and will hold up under the stress of actually riding a skateboard. They will not break like the plastic version. I have seem some pretty dope tricks on them too. Maybe we will do a penny killer video contest and what you guys can do.

The Board Measures out 23″ x 6″  with a 11″ wheels base. We put a 63mm cruiser wheel, Abec 9 Bearing and 1/4″ Riser pad. We totally recommend the bushing upgrades if you want to shorten the break in period too.

Dont forget to check out the Nickle Killer and Square tail Cruiser as well for other options.

Fun Box Penny Killer Cruiser Complete Skateboard


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