The FunBox Retro Cruisers complete skateboards and skateboard decks are back in stock after a long Hiatus.

The super popular Retro Cruisers by FunBox Skateboards are a great little carving and cruising skateboard. These skateboard decks are Canadian rock hard maple. The 14.5′ wheel base makes it turn nice and tight making dodging cars and the lurkers on the boardwalk a breeze. Small enough to fit in your bag or locker it is easy to transport where ever you go. Try the  USA made bushing upgrade into the stock skateboard trucks for a smoother faster turn. The precision abec 9 bearings and 63mm 80a Cruiser wheels are a great combo for a nice smooth ride. Roll over most rocks and cracks with ease and our super grippy epoxy backed skateboard griptape will keep your feet locked to the board.

The board is flat with a kicktail. No concave or nose this is truly a throwback to the skateboards of the 70’s. You can really cruise the streets in style with these Cruisers and the wheel wells will allow you to add larger longboard wheels if you want an even faster ride. Recommended for higher speeds are some wedge riser pads. Skateboarders who plan on doing some hard core downhill or slalom on the retro cruiser need them. We don’t want anyone getting wheel bite and getting pitched at high speeds. Know your limits and Skate safe and always wear a helmet.

The deck now comes in all natural seen here.

FunBox Skateboards Retro Cruiser DeckOld School FunBox Skateboards retro Cruiser FunBox Skateboards 28" Retro Cruiser

Cruise over to the online skateshop and grab up a retro cruiser one while supplies last.

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