The Kray is just about done and will start shipping them out Tuesday 3/28.

Fun Box Skateboards Maple Kray Deck

Sorry about the wait folks but you know its worth it. Fun Box skateboards always brings you the goodies. So all the Kray decks will be ready to ship on Tuesday. We will start shipping the pre orders on Tuesday and anyone who has been waiting will get expedited shipping too. The American maple Kray is a 38″ Drop through double kick longboard made right here in the USA with 8 plys of American hard rock maple. Next in the works are the LTD decks, then maybe the Roxie. Looking to add a few new boards too. The Throwback cruiser will be up for sale this weekend and we have a dancer in the works too. This will be a great summer and you know Fun Box Skateboards will be treating you right.

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