Summer is here and Fun Box Skateboards is in full production mode but as usual our quality longboards, Skateboards and accessories are in high demand. So here are the latest news on production.

We had some template issues at the factory and instead of the Roxie Double Kick Skateboard we made the Lexi 37″ Street Killer!!! So Good news is we have Lexi in stock and online for sale. Bad news is the Roxie is a bit further out as we repair the templates. LTD and Kray are on Pre Sale and also in production. Sorry about the delay on them but they should ship in the next week or so. If you have one on order already you will be first in line as we ship all pre orders first. Fun Box skateboards is all about value and quality and making sure we keep you guys out there rolling. Oh and Happy Go Skateboard day!!!! We shoudl have posted this yesterday but we were out shredding!!!! Make sure you follow us on INSTA as we always have more updates and info there.

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