New Super Street Skateboard Decks with Split Colored Veneer hit the skateshop this week.

Funbox Skateboard Distribution is know for being innovative and shaking up the industry right? Well not quite but we do offer top quality skateboards, Longboards and accessories at a great price. New to the skate shop this week are split dye venner super street skateboards. With 5 colors to choose from and 3 sizes we have the best selection around. It may be nothing special but it certainly looks dope in our eyes. Check out all the new stuff in the Skateshop

Funbox Skateboard Distribution has 20 years in the game. We Source only the best quality skate goods and we supply shops and brands on a global scale. Blah Blah whatever.  We could sit here an talk about all the sick skateboard trucks and skateboard wheels and what not but does anyone really care?? Most people just want to grab a deck and skate. Well check it out. If anyone even reads this we will hook you up fat. Just post a pic on insta or facebook and Tag us and maybe you will get a free board. We do giveaways all the time. Also post up on Reddit and help us out. lol


Rasta Super Street Deck

FunBox Skateboards Rasta Color Dyed Super Street Deck