Guess who is Back!!! (almost)

Well sort of anyway. Fun Box Skateboards is making a slow comeback. After the long pandemic we are finally able to get things in the skate shop rolling again. Head over to the shop and see what is there. A few longboards and more to come. Sorry no complete longboards just yet but some decks are there.

Drop Through longboard

and OG 42

and the Maple Pintail

Where is skateboarding headed?

What is the future of skateboarding?. Where is the sport headed. The Olympic’s? YES, but do you ever wonder the real future of the sport? Are kids still skating theses days? When your work and live in something you need to sometimes take a step back and re evaluate or at least observe. When we have the pleasure to to just skate and enjoy ourselves we don’t need to worry or even care about the direct as a whole. I mean after all skateboarding is like water ever flowing and changing.