The Homey Mark Harris at underground longboards and his crew are ripping the Florida Flatlands hard in this Snyder Park Skateboard Sesh.

I found Mark’s personal page while Cruising on Facebook this morning as I came across a cool post on some skateboard truck mods. Anyway, I got lost in the internet again as I so easily do when there is work to be done. There I was lost in Marks’s awesome content  and he had this great little video up and I don’t know if it s the skating, the music, or just the vibe, but it put a smile on my face.Just has skateboarding always does. Mark and I go back a few years now so I am always watching what he is up too. It doesn’t matter if your 4 or 40 its in your blood. I dont care of your watching it, dreaming it or doing it. Skateboarding in all facets unites us and makes us view the world in a totally different perspective.

Mark has been creating some sick custom boards for quite some time now. I always love seeing what he is working on and you should definitely follow him on social media too. He does some great stuff with cruisers, Park and Pool boards and longboards too. I guess because it is so flat in Florida you really have to get creative on spots too. I am pretty sure they have had many a parking garage session. Those use to be our go to spots in the winters coming out a PA. It may have been cold but it was always dry. Anyway thanks for stopping by today to check out the FunBox Skate Blog. Dont forget to hit the shop and grab a deck while your here. As always many thanks and blessings for the support. We love Skateboarding and love watching it grow.


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