Back in stock is a fresh batch of the Funbox Skateboards LTD Long Trek 100% American Made hard rock maple Longboards.

The LTD Long Trek is probably the most popular of all the Funbox Longboards ever released. This deck is 8 ply american hardrock maple and pressed in the good ole USA. FunBox Skateboards brings top quality Longboards, Skateboards and Accessories to the market at extremely affordable prices. The LTD Long Trek Longboard skateboard can be used for a variety of skateboarding disciplines however it was designed for pushing and Distance Skateboarding. This longboard is called a double drop or drop down drop through. It has the lowest center of gravity making it easy to ride. The purpose of the drop platform however is to take some of the strain off the knees to reduce fatigue and allow the skater to push longer. The curves on this Skateboard make it look super sexy but actually the concave is nice and deep and does lock you in when your doing some check slides and things.

I found this pick on instagram of our boy @ry.benzo repping his LTD and Funbox Skateboards. Ry has a whole quiver of our wood and has been a loyal supporter for years. We always appreciate when people send us pictures of the skateboards they paint and decorate. We sell them black as we like to encourage creativity and individuality. Our boards are a blank canvas that each person can customize and tailor to their own likes. This also allows us to keep the cost down so we can pass along the savings to you the riders. Our goal is to keep you riding in the streets and not worrying about the cost and quality of your skate gear. Funbox has you covered so jump over to the skateshop and check out some of the goodies.

FunBox LTD Longboard