What is the future of skateboarding?. Where is the sport headed. The Olympic’s? YES, but do you ever wonder the real future of the sport? Are kids still skating theses days? When your work and live in something you need to sometimes take a step back and re evaluate or at least observe. When we have the pleasure to to just skate and enjoy ourselves we don’t need to worry or even care about the direct as a whole. I mean after all skateboarding is like water ever flowing and changing.

So during my morning stroll through the internet I cam across this video on Reddit Longboarding and it got me thinking.

Next Level Skate Shoe Protection! Check It Out! from longboarding

This could be viewed 2 ways. Obviously good or bad right? Necessity is the mother of all invention they say. I would say that skateboarding is exactly this. We create what we need, build skateboards, invent and make Skate spots. We have created a culture, a lifestyle, and an industry. This has been able to allow people of all walks of life to connect and also be able to make a living doing what they love. Skateboarding was founded on being individualistic.There is no wrong way to ride a skateboard. You do not need to be on the skateboard team. You can simple go out by yourself and create and have fun.

Now with that being said, You can always find the haters right. I mean longboarders and short boarders never use to get along. When we were growing up if you didn’t right a street stick you were not cool. We were just dumb kids. Cruisers are fun as heck. Longboarding is dope. electric Boards are becoming popular. Shoot, I have 10 boards now lol. There is downhill longboarding and Freestyle skateboarding, and slalom and dancing and its all cool.

My point is this. Shoe protectors may not be for me but I can respect them and I can shout them out for doing their thing. We Support the sport and we want everyone to win.