My Skateboard deck just Broke. Can I get a new one? Is it under warranty?

Goodnight, sweet Prince. Thank you for your brief enhancement of my life. 😓 (story in comments) from longboarding

Yikes my Skateboard Deck just Broke! We get this all the time. Well not all the time, as out boards are pretty good but on occasion people have accidents and want to know what the deal is with broken boards or warranty. So I thought I would write a little bit about our boards or skateboard sin general and how we here at FunBox Skateboards handle this type of situation.

First and foremost we must remember that skateboards are made of wood. They are thin layers of wood. They are glued together and they can and will break. Sometimes they break easily and sometime they can get run over by a car and are fine. This Bustin board shown above took one by a drunk driver supposedly but in general Bustin makes some great boards so we are not here to knock them. We get photos from riders all the time telling us how dope our wood is. On Occasion we get photos of board that are broken too however.

Secondly, Longbards were not designed to be rode like street decks. Only in more recent years has long boarding evolved into something far greater than just cruising and carving. Some of these decks however are being used as trick boards when they shouldn’t be. In particular the drop through boards tend to be the weakest.  We need to remember that when we buy them. If you cut a hole in the center it is naturally going to weaken the board. Landing on the board wrong could very easily cause it to snap.

So how does FunBox handle broken decks you ask?

We have to take it on a case by case basis but we always try to make it right. In most cases we can replace it or offer a discount on a new board when replacement is not an option. Either way we want you the rider to be happy and we try to work through it as best we can.

Make sure when choosing the correct board you consider all the styles of riding and decks and feel free to ask for help if your not sure what you need.

photo from Reddit Longboarding