Skateboarding has to be the most amazing sport on the planet and with so much access to footage these days its nice that people like us have time to geek out and save you time on finding the good stuff.

So, as I was killing time this am instead of building boards and shipping orders I found another awesome display of skateboarding on Reddit. Probably the most popular site on the internet Reddit has lots of fun and cool stuff on every topic you can think of. I however only look at skateboarding stuff. ( Insert wink, emoji here!)

Not only is skateboarding fun to do but also to watch. I mean the board is not attached to the feet like in snowboarding but still the riders can flip and spin the board and manage to land on the wheels and ride away from some incredible stunts.

I found this cool clip from redbull Germany. They are always doing cool stuff and maybe because they are amped up on energy drink all the time lol. Anyway Check out this sick run by Jake Ilardi that pushed him into the winning spot last week with their cool roller coaster event.

When your done getting inspired jump over to the FunBox Skateshop and Grab a new Skateboard and hit the local park, pool or streets and see what kind of magic you can create.