Cruiser skateboards might be the one skateboard that everyone can agree on. Right?

I think however we can all agree that cruiser skateboards are the 1 board we all must have in our quiver. I mean in is the age old battle. The street skater versus the Vert guy. The Snowboarder against the skier.

It doesn’t matter if you make it or buy it right? We all have had that old board we cut down or that penny board with the sick artist collab. I use mine to get the mail, take the trash out, walk the dog or just cruise to the beach to check the surf.

The truth is that with more variety and style options than any other board on the market the typical cruiser skateboard is so versatile its really a must have for all skaters. Most Cruiser Skateboards are perfect for travel too as they can fit into a bag for easy plane carry on or shipping.

Now what constitutes a cruiser you might ask? I have seen some as small as 18″ or so but those are really hard to ride. Truth be told the 23″ penny killer is hard also. I prefer something around 28″ but I think under 30″ is still a cruiser however throw some 70mm wheels on a regular old Popsicle stick and you got a nice filmer board too right?

Although we hope you pick up a sick Funbox Cruiser the main thing is that we all get to put some wheels under out feet as often as possible.

Fun Box Throw Back bamboo cruiser Complete skateboard

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