Well now I have definitely seen it all. Portland community college has a longboarding class for school credit. Skateboarding has reached new and awesome heights.

Now I know some PE classes at least here in Southern California get to go to the skate parks and such but an actual skateboard class for college credit is new to me. I have also seen woodshop programs where you have to build your own board but never an instructional skateboarding class.

Until now. Portland community college has now taken skateboarding and longboarding to the next level.

I was surfing the web today, as I usually find myself doing on a Monday morning. Enter reddit longboarding and a cool post about a rider and his new Eastside Longbard and getting it just in time for his skateboard class.  This got me fired up to write about it and we want to hear more from skaters out there who have info on this new phenomenon. I am going to post on Insta today about it to. I want to find out what other schools have skateboard programs. If anyone is reading this and you know of one shout me out and tell me.

Reddit Longboarding Skateboard School

I wasn’t so lucky growing up. We skated at the school of hard knocks AKA the streets. Skateboarding and skateboarders have always been looked at as outcasts and weird. We wore big pants and dyed our hair funny colors. It would have been fun to have access to all the skateparks and stuff these days but I would not have traded what we had for the world. So many good times, and it was great to be a part of such a great sports history as it was just being created.

Also jump over to the skateshop and pic up a board before you miss out on your own skate class.

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